This Blue 1973 '02 was sold about 4 years ago to make room for the 1973 tii detailed in Walter Cars. This was a stellar original car that needed a carb replacement. The wonderful Weber and manifold gave it new life! Not that it didn't need attention mechanically-which it did, but it's originality. But also It was the best Survivor '02 and with the seats rebuilt the ride was so much better. Luv ya Blue '02! Be well out east. The gold '02 was an heirloom to a couple we knew. Libertyville rebuilt it twice-once when to shipped from the farm with no floors, or peddle box and more. Then again after it got hit from behind, nearly killed the daughter whose father gave it to her. She pleaded with EMT's to get her out-but not cut her out. It lives again and good on the family for saving it.