Note on the above 2 left side interior pictures showing the Momo steering wheel replacement.

​This is a group of the latest fall 2018 pictures of the white Tii for sale.

This is not my Tii above.  Gage cluster, door sills, leather shifter, and probably working air.  We're Settlers.

These are some other photos of the Tii and others posted 5/5/2018, but taken earlier, might be some duplicates...

Above is a Tii engine montage, note the non-stock standard '02 cold air intake next to the radiator on the white Tii, was that ever stock or was this a front  clip? 

This shows the Holy Grail ​ Tii that became a summer rescue effort with more to do. The pictures above snuck in there. They are from 2019 late October 

  The Gold 1973 Tii pictured below next to myis a no expense sparred Werk Shop restoration along side my all original 1973 '02. 

The 1973 Tii  F&R suspension you see is a full-on Hardy and Beck, done in their shop, lowered, urethane bushings, completely redone with H&B front struts, heavier sway bar, and every other bushing replaced.  It is rock solid, quick steering, and a joy to  drive as the ride is neither harsh, twitchy, or too stiff-except when in tight parking.  Brought from CA 10 years ago, has BMW re-manufactured engine, and an edge to it.  Not driven the last 6 years and not running when found.  Amazing barn find. To paint or not?  Lots of small projects, no major ones, and tremendous progress since Aug 1, 2016.  Also note that the steering wheel has been replaced with a wonderful Momo wheel as the old was highly worn-out. 

These are some photos from today, 10 30 18. yhat are of the car as it sits in some additional detail.

Below are various shots of my cars, show cars, friend's cars, show cars, even dogs, and mushroom hunters.  The 7 is how it came, stock wheels gave it new life and look.  It's worthless but unique and rare to some, 1988 735i-however it has limited slip over the stock differential, no self leveling system (much smaller pump/fluid,/lines), sport shocks instead, and the sweetest 5 speed car of its time.  Had all the goodies of its time-heated seats, climate control, ABS, cruise and only 1 airbag-the second arrived a year later or so.  It's down below in the this next set.

Thanks to my pal, Mark P. we've spent lots of hours fixing stuff-I pay he buys beers later.  He does the hard work sometimes twice...Everything drove onward in the end.  It was sad to see the blue 1973 leave the fold but 4 BMWs are about one too many.

Below are a mix of early and later pictures of the Tii.  I noticed in some pictures the driver door was not fully closed so I found some older ones to show perfect alignment.

 The photo montage below is of my M6, my $750 orange 2002, a 3.0Si Bavaria-I for electronic injection, our first (E23) 735i, and first E32 735i.

Below  those is a wide variety of car pictures, again heavily mine as well as some show cars, cycles, and family or friends. 


​These are not pictures of the above Tii. 

These are not what you want to find pursuing your hobby, but I was warned. This car has been here for 8 years and driven here to die.  It is dead! Tree fell on it and got the roof, it has been leaking inside for years, full of mice, fleas, snakes, and spiders.  Ya, there are parts to be had.  Anyone think it is worth reviving this?  $1k takes it, not mine.

The serial number is 2762688.  It matches the frame plate, steering column, paint plate, Illinois title and prior CA title.  The engine block shows no serial number: is bound by an X at both ends.  The Couple King in LA said congrats-it is a factory rebuilt.  A noted Libertyville, IL restorer confirms it.  Sure runs like one.  Most of the clean up has revealed a much cleaner car given it has been sitting.  Mechanicals first, cosmetics can wait.  These pictures are mostly as the car sits.  

This page is mostly my Tii pictures. Enjoy!  Below these few are more current Tii shots.  Some from 2018-had it out in January...It's now Nov.1 2019 and 4 inches of snow. Drove it a flawless 50 or more times and 4 tanks of gas this year.

This is mostly the 1973 BMW 2002 tii for sale posted on Car Gurus 2019 Nov. 1st. Not every picture is of the white tii. It is mostly chronological starting with 2016 bought in July. This site was built for fun not for sales, so my hope is you can see the changes. In terms of endemic rust, it is not a midwestern rust bucket by any means, 100% CA. Everything is solid to my eyes-sure there are some paint issues. Mechanically a dream, interior is rough. It's not a show car or a Survivor-it's a fun car-try to a replace it or even find one.

Thanks for taking the tour.  Contact me with questions or requests.  See contact info above.  Feel free to poach what you like.